UX Research, Strategy and Design for agencies and digital product owners.

Based in Manchester, EPIK is a UX consultancy solely focused on helping clients to develop better holistic customer experiences in the digital world for web, mobile and desktop apps.

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UX practices that work


Customer-centric insight and research

Our strategy is people-driven. We give extensive attention to the customer, at every stage of the design process to really understand who they are and what their needs and objectives are.

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Approach and planning

First we frame the customer and project objectives through persona/scenario development and use this to write a design brief. Then, we create the framework and direction for user experience and interface design. Then we execute it.

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Testing and optimisation

Customer and business needs are always changing. We create experiences that meet these needs through ongoing testing, refinement and iteration.

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We quickly create testable software prototypes that can be used to test the concept, model or process. By doing so, we reduce development concepts and get investment early in the design process. This insight informs the project, before committing to large development costs.

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User interface design

We create experiences that are easy, enjoyable and completely tailored around the user’s needs. Through idea generation, rapid prototyping and testing sessions, we develop the best interactions between users and products.

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Design for business applications

We design for eRP products, SaaS, desktop and mobile applications. First validating the application’s performance through customer insight and research, and then using transformational design to create efficient products that work, and look the part.

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Underpinned by process


We adopt an agile approach because we understand that not all project requirements can be fully collected at the beginning. Business and customer needs change, so swift collaboration between designers and stakeholders is a necessity. We share our work frequently and talk often.

User centered design

At every stage of the design process we give absolute attention to the needs of the customer. The success of the project depends on it. We use specialist techniques to fully understand the audience, ensuring a product is designed to support its intended users.

Lean UX

We don't focus on the deliverables. We focus on outcomes. Instead of investing precious time and money into heavy and unnecessary documentation, we ensure all time is invested in the product itself. We are fast and nimble and we don't like waste.