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Arrow_icon“I need a complete redesign”

Triggers may be a rebrand, a change in your business direction or it may be simply time for a refresh. Whatever the scale of your needs EPIK thrive on difficult and complex projects, providing inventive solutions that align your digital marketing with market leaders.



“I need to make design iterations and improvements”

Nagging design issues that have been on your mind for a while? we can work with you to outline all design iterations and iteratively improve your website until it looks the part and works efficiently.



“I need to improve the customer journey”

Got gaping holes in your customer journey that you feel may be losing you business? through a combination of customer profiling, scenario building and customer journey mapping we can design holistic and intuitive experiences that engage users from screen to screen. Ultimately reinforcing your brand experience trough better User Experience.



“I need to improve conversion rates”

Generating the traffic but not getting the conversions you deserve? the biggest challenge here is understanding where the problems lie. Through a combination of user research, user testing and heuristic evaluations the problems areas can be highlighted and fixed accordingly. Resulting in a more enjoyable experience that generates more conversions, and a healthier bottom line.



“I need to solve usability issues”

Sometimes the smallest problems can cause significant frustration for users and cause them to divert them attention away to competitors. Only through rigorous and controlled testing in the right areas can these issues be highlighted, and alternate design approaches implemented to fix them.



“I need to align products and services to look and work the same”

As more devices are released and digital services exist across a multitude of different devices and platforms, aligning these products to have design consistency should be an important art of any brands digital strategy. Without this consistency these legacy and outdated products can sometimes halt brand growth and damage the reputation of a particular product or service.


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