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Client projects

Through prototyping and visual design, the NCO tool was revolutionsed into a digital self service tool.

Multi-platform software solution providers Sage needed to transform their hybrid software Sage 200 to be a modern, and intuitive tool that enables accountants to get things done. Working with the Sage 200 team the product was evaluated from a user experience perspective, highlighting opportunities for enhancements across usability, layout and navigation, and interface design.

Facilitation and moderation of User Testing and UX report based on highlighting key usability issues for a an integral parts of the existing website.

Burgess is the global superyacht industry leader in sale; purchase, new construction, charter; yacht management, of luxury mega yachts. They required a dedicated iPhone and iPad App aimed at bridging the connection between themselves and their customer. The project involved app strategy, road-mapping, information architecture, low-fidelity design and visual design.

Great Places Housing Group required a redesign of their internal CRM system. It's poor design was causing efficiency and productivity issues. An initial scoping and evaluation session highlighted all the opportunities for improvement. EPIK provide a revolutionised system, with a focus on usability and managing data with ease.

Temps Recruitment are specialists in temporary roles recruitment. Their existing application process was a blockade between on-boarding their users into their service. EPIK embarked on a complete redesign, first defining a strategic approach, relevant functionality and designing a new user interface in collaboration with technical and brand teams.

Financial advice organisation SFS had an outdated website. In collaboration with Worship Digital EPIK conducted a host of UX research techniques, including stakeholder interviews with internal sales and marketing teams to define a fresh new approach. Complimenting the SFS brand, new new website development focuses around assisting the goals of the users, apposed to selling them services directly.

International Audio Group are a British-chinese manufacturer of consumer and professional HiFi systems. One of 12 brands they own known as Mission, were launching “Aero” a brand new all-in-one system. We were required to create a white-label music streaming application that would control the system. Through ideation, rapid prototyping, 
and user interface design we created a beautiful solution compatible with a multitude of mobile and audio devices.

Leading wealth management specialist Greyfriars required a newly developed responsive design to better illustrate their expertise and experience. In collaboration with Loaf Creative EPIK guided on information architecture design, low-fidelity design tasks and wire-framing/prototyping. providing the strategic design and UX guidance for the visualisation stage.

Drake & Morgan, a London cocktail Bar and restaurant group have a portfolio of beautiful bars. They required a new site development that reflected the rich in-bar experience. In collaboration with Cube3, EPIK assisted in the pitch process, digital strategy, technical specification and all early design phases stages and collaboration with internal teams. Producing a highly effective online experience with a focus on conversion and key user tasks.

ANS Group, Managed Services & Cloud Provider in the UK had an outdated website. A redesign required a through research piece into competitors, research reports and a strategic approach to a redesigning an entirely new user experience.

EPIK assisted with the redesign of UKFAST's primary marketing website, reimagining an engaging, conversion orientated approach and information architecture.

EPIK assisted a Manchester based design agency with pitch assistance and documentation, strategic documents, functional documents and low-fidelity design for Tampopo's new site development. The initial research piece conducted by EPIK highlighted all key user needs and produced the solutions in the form of information architecture and prototyping.

Perpetual Fostering were midway throughout a website redesign, although not entirely happy with the progress. EPIK were hired to produce a redesign validated and supported by a true understand of the customer and business objectives. The newly developed website now assists in nurturing and helping Foster Carers find the agency that is right for them.

Balls brothers, owned by Novus Leisure are chain of traditional wine bars in London. In the process of undergoing a brand overhaul their digital presence needed alignment, truly representing a high standard of food, wine and service. We began by defining the problem. Understanding the context in which the customers engaged with the website. This understanding highlighted the need for a responsive design strategy, that would provide a consistent and intuitive digital experience across the entire brand.

Revolution Bars are a popular destination for food & drink across the United Kingdom. Recently undergoing a 
complete overhaul of their in-bar experience they required 
a well-needed improvements to their online experience. 
The re-design involved a substantial site development encompassing a directory of all bars across the nation, booking functionality, integration of social networks, and platform to easily launch and manage campaigns.

Avecto are a leading provider of privilege management. Their website, a prominent part in their customer engagement had become outdated. Through qualitative and quantitative insight we understood the need for web access through a wider range of devices. Introducing a mobile first methodology that would cater to an increasing user base 
of mobile and tablet users. The re-design allowed for a consistent experience across all standard mobile sizes, Reinforcing their brand presence through better 
User Experience.

Open Creates internal desktop web-based CMS system was a useful tool. Although it's fragmented progression means it's core design was programming lead. They required User Experience Design expertise to integrate a host of useful features all oritenatted around data input and improving user efficiency.

CIPFA are The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy. In collaboration with USIO, EPIK assisted on a modular redesign of imporant areas of the website that according to User Research were not performing effectively.

Localove is a great iPhone application that connects enthusiastic shoppers with local traders. Through a thorough evaluation of the existing application from design and efficiency perspectives a host of opportunities were highlighted. EPIK with with Overthrow Digital to redesign and new User Experience with a focus on bridging the gap between the two key user types. The newly design app is due to roll out across more cities in London soon.

Based in Birmingham, Hotel La Tour provide a luxurious hotel and dining experience for their customers. The website redesign needed to encapsulate all customer needs, from room information, bar experience, making a booking and also provide a strong marketing platform for the hotel itself.

Hollywood Casino required a group site to bring together their full portfolio of online gaming and betting website. A large Information Architecture task was conducted to define the information, and design it in a way that made relevant information easy to find and absorb.

Boehringer Ingelheim, a world leader in pharmaceuticals had a portfolio of outdated websites. EPIK embarked on a large Information Architecture piece to realign all website under a consistent and coherent design patterns. Moulding all website patterns, components and elements together into a responsive design architecture that made information accessible.

Plastic Card Services are a leading UK-based plastic card manufacturer. But their existing website wasn't communicating well with their new audience. EPIK lead strategic redesign with Evolutia, consisting of competitor website analysis, best practice research, heuristic evaluation, and all early stage design tasks. The resulting website is a modern, responsive design that is generating huge improvements in their marketing efforts.

Apopo is a nonprofit organisation focused on training rats to smell and identify landmines and tuberculosis. EPIK assisted in a phased website design and launch. First assisting Apopo in an important research and insight piece into leading competitors. This provided key information that would define a new appraoch to the redesign of their key conversion channels and better showcase of their donation, gift and adoption products.

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LOVE - Integrated Marketing Agency

USIO - Specialists User Experience Design Agency