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I’ll work from your brief or I’ll define the brief with you. Either way let’s chat about how I can work with you to define a better UX for your users and increase revenue for your business.

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Mon-Fri: 9:00am – 5:30pm

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Picture of Chris Jones

Martin’s attitude and approach to project work is exceptional. His involvement is always welcomed by the team and instills confidence that the end-product will be something to write about. Martin also has a good, technical understanding of software development and the constraints imposed by cross-platform, multi-device requirements.

Martin uses this to inform his decision making; identifying potential development complexities early to reduce project risk.

Christopher Jones – Owner, The Codery

Picture of Robert Eades

Martin’s relaxed, methodical approach allows him to grasp the requirements of a project right from the outset, including interpreting business and user needs, and as a result this has helped lead to some highly successful projects.

A thorough understanding of multiple platforms and their capabilities allows Martin to create designs and experiences that not only look and perform well, but also allow Martin to create ideas that can easily and methodically be translated into reality by developers.

Robert Eades – Digital Product Director, The fresh Group

Picture of Andrew Chubb

Martin has a strong platform and user awareness and is able to produce creative and innovative interfaces. However his approach stretches beyond this as he embarks upon thorough, detailed research to fully understand the user base he is producing for.

His work is always of the highest quality, and his attention to detail is second to none. His friendly, approachable nature demonstrates his belief in accommodating ideas and requirements from other parties to produce excellent user experiences.

Andrew Chubb – Front End Developer, ABSOLUTE