I’m Martin Fletcher.

Born in Manchester, I’ve been working in the UX industry for nearly 10 years. 3 years ago I started a lifetime ambition to run a successful business in some something I’m very passionate about, UX.

Picture of myself and girlfriend

I’m all about how things work.

I have a great desire to make things of all types (not just websites), and I’m always interested in people and why they do things. UX was a perfect fit for me, and I’ve been practising it successfully for my entire adult working life after a brief job as a picture framer. I’m an avid fan of woodwork, landscaping and natural stone masonry. All these interests evolve around two things, making things that work well for people and enjoying it along the way.


I graduated locally at the University of Bolton in 2008, completing a Graphic Design – BA (Hons) course. University was a fantastic experience that helped my personal growth and allowed me to build a foundation for a UX Design career.

After graduation I spent 8 months applying for work opportunities, after many (most defiantly bad) interviews as a junior, I started out my career at then Bolton based marketing and design agency Cube3.

Having spent nearly 6 years at the agency as a Senior UX Designer I went on to Great Fridays (now EPAM) working as a UX Designer for clients such as MasterCard and SAGE. The opportunity to work at both these agencies have given me a rounded idea of UX, design and processes that help create great digital design and strategy. I then started my own EPIK venture and have been working successfully for 3 years.

I believe there’s much more to people than their jobs. I live a humble life valuing family and friends highly. I can often be found climbing mountains and walking in Devon. Time when not working is spent with my fantastic partner who drives me in everything I do.



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