Modelling, summarising and communicating project objectives


Combining user research and planning methods, we frame the project so it can be communicated to stakeholders and team members.


A customer focused project

Persona and scenario development allow us to capture the real objectives of the end-users. We work with users directly, building a solid and robust understanding. Armed with this understanding, we can pinpoint the project’s objectives, always referring back to the customer, because really, it’s all about them. And then we communicate this to the wider team so that everyone is on the journey together.


Building a picture of the audience

Users in context

Capturing the target audience in a series of visualisations connects those involved with the user. Persona development helps us understand the context in which the user lives. Placing those users in scenarios creates a narration including common interactions with software or a service.

Communicating objectives

We work in a complex and multifaceted industry where to create a rounded, and solid concept we need insight from a range of skill sets. At EPIK, we aim to provide the design framework to direct and communicate a build of understanding to other teams in a visual, engaging and efficient way.

Outcomes not deliverables

Everything we produce is made to add value to the rest of the project. We don't create deliverables for the sake of having deliverables. Avoiding 'throw away' documentation such as specification allows us to invest all time into tangible research that provides solid insight.


Underpinned with a design brief

The normal process for a brief is for the product owner to compose it. While this is useful, it tends to be business led and word heavy. In order to build a holistic viewpoint from all perspectives, we can work with you to create a rounded, customer led brief with solid insight that engages and directs stakeholders and designers throughout the project lifecycle. It makes the whole process pretty easy.



Create a framework for user experience

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