Business application UX design

We specialise in the design of business applications. Many applications don’t meet the needs of either businesses or users, resulting in poor user experience and productivity. To change this, designers need to be involved in the process of creating business applications.


An efficient business needs efficient software

Business applications are highly interactive, functional tools that are solely there to perform business critical tasks. They need to be designed in a way that maximises productivity.



Design for tools in different environments

Web applications

Unlike websites where the primary aim is to inform, the nature of web applications is more task driven. Through an understanding of users and task analysis, you can begin to define the key aims and objectives, which can be prototyped and tested before commitment to development.

Desktop applications

An understanding of the nature of the product, and the context in which the user and software lives within, influences the design approach. While product platforms are different, there’s a mutual goal of interface efficiency, creating design that benefits the users, and ultimately benefits the business.

Mobile applications

Feature overload, inconsistencies, over designing, verbiage and rare interactions are common pitfalls when designing mobile applications. Through conceptual design, prototyping and optimisation, the interface efficiency can be improved, increasing the productivity of your users.


We know businesses and their work processes are unique

So our design process is never the same. But we adopt an agile approach, and its iterative key principle creates tested, validated and rounded tools that cater to the needs of users. We design the tools that help to operate business:



Interface design for business applications

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