Customer-centric insight and research

To create the best experiences for your customers, we need to include your customers in the process.


Organisations need customer input

Without asking the right questions to the right users, organisations risk creating interfaces that fail. The success of a product or service is judged by the people that use it. And that can have a big impact on your brand. At EPIK, we create products that users want and need, helping you operate better as a company.



Understanding customers empathetically

Design workshops

Often, meetings aren't productive. Lengthy agendas and a lack of focus hinder progress. Design workshops are a way to build project momentum and help create solutions together. The way it should be. We can organise and run workshops that define problems and solutions, in one place, in a short timescale.

Asking the right people

To uncover problems you need to ask the right people. Although stakeholders can provide great advice, they are not users. We can work with you to choose the right methods to avoid bias and speak to the right people.

Asking the right questions

Once we understand who to speak to, we can work in collaboration with you to define the right questions. Each project is different so the type of questions to ask depends entirely on the stage of the project, and who's involved. But once we've got the questions, we'll find the answers.


One shared goal

Only through a real understanding of both business and user goals can we build the bigger picture. To form an authentic relationship between the business and users, you need to combine both viewpoints, creating a shared objective.


Create desirable experiences for users

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