Better design with rapid prototyping

Relying on visualisation to imagine an idea no longer works. Prototyping introduces an iterative approach to user interface design, substantiating concepts as we progress, creating validated and transformational design.


Generating feedback early and using it to improve design

Prototyping concepts before committing to costly development, allows us to validate ideas across a broad team of users, stakeholders, developers and designers. Insight at this stage is vital to prevent products failing.



Approach to prototyping

How to use it

We choose the appropriate prototyping method and fidelity, focusing on important functionality that dramatically influences the experience of your product.

Avoid failing products

Without adequate, early testing there is the possibility of creating a product that doesn’t meet the needs of customers. Launching a failing product is an unnecessary cost. To avoid this,it’s vital to know, understand and act on downfalls early, before large scale time and cost investment.

Relating back to customers

We maximise the use of prototypes by weaving in customer scenarios, validating design in a real life context. This humanistic approach removes presumptuous design and results in a personal understanding.


User testing sessions

We create the right prototype, then organise and manage the right people to test it, maximising insight on key functionality. Continuous testing helps us to react to changing technology, environments, and business and end-user requirements. We do it quickly and in a cost efficient way.



Generate feedback to create better User Experience

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