Testing and optimisation

Introducing a test and learn culture throughout the project lifecycle to improve the performance of your product or service.


A design process that adjusts to changing business and user needs.

We adopt a user centric approach through discovery, ideation, validation, iteration and delivery phases. While conceptualising, we share ideas early, comprehend customer and stakeholder feedback and use it to improve how a user perceives a product or service. We understand that tiny tweaks lead to big changes.



User testing – make good, confident decisions about design

Choosing the right method

There are many ways to conduct user testing, but choosing the wrong method can provide inadequate research, and ultimately produce a product that doesn't fulfill user needs. Although we admire remote testing, we like to speak to users personally, collecting qualitative insight from people that can inform design decisions, and improve product loyalty and performance.

Test often, test early

Businesses change, and customer needs change. We work to an iterative design model where design is produced and tested continuously. User testing places real users in front of your product, so ideas can be tested in real life, by a relevant audience.

Open to critique

We're not afraid to fail. Our belief in an iterative approach to design means we don't take critique personally. Instead, we use it to improve performance and make changes that contribute to making efficient tools, increasing productivity.


Test prototypes before development commitment

Prototyping allows us to test a product before building it. Depending on the product, we’ll define a prototyping approach that is appropriate. We’ll work with you to define a testing strategy, determining fidelity, and who to test. Then we’ll execute changes with this new understanding.


Test and iterate for better user experience

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