Putting users first.

Know your users, delight your users, turn your users into customers.

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1. Start with a plan

The trick to a successful project is working out the best use of time. How to attain the best results against a budget. All my projects start with a open discussions and proposals. These outline the UX objectives, tasks, deliverables, and outcomes either to a fixed cost or agreed day rate.

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2. Research and Strategy

Whether a website or app the UX process should begin with research, collecting business, user and technical data. This helps build a good holistic view of the project requirements. UX Workshops and research and strategy exercises are a platform for successful outcomes.

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3. Conceptualise and design

Good design is always more than skin deep. It should begin with structural design and information architecture, moving into low-fidelity design such as wireframes through to full user-interface design. Prototyping also plays a fundamental role in testing interactive ideas with real people.

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4. Testing and implementation

A test and learn culture used throughout the project lifecycle improves the performance of your product or service. User testing with prototypes should occur before development, gathering valuable user insight. UI design toolkits and functional documentation should guide front-end development through to product launch.

12 things I stand by

Experience matters

Content is core

Collaboration is key

Design until live

Communication over documentation

Test always

Work lean

Work iteratively

Be technically compliant

Question everything

You’re only as good as the final result

It’s not finished until somebody is using it

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“Martin’s insight of user experience and his knowledge of the execution channels to get to the end product means he always has an incredible grasp on a project at every stage. He is as comfortable working with groups of multi skilled people as he is presenting to clients/stakeholders.”

Paul Irwin – Design Director, Certain

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“Having worked with Martin across a number of projects he always brings flair and skill to the requirements. Great as part of a team he easily understands the brief and provides easy to understand solutions to any challenge.”

Melanie Kirk – Owner, Pulsar Healthcare

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Martin on a number of projects for clients, his insight into UX/UI is beyond brilliant, I would highly recommend Martin to anyone looking to improve online performance, on top of that he’s an all round nice guy and a pleasure to work with.”

Christian McGinty – Owner, Run2