• Are wireframes still an effective production tool?

    However, front a client’s perspective, the jury is still out in 2017 on whether wireframes still play an important role in achieving the desired outcome in a traditional waterfall process. On a recent project after I provided design timescales and the client questioned whether wireframes were a necessary part of the process, suggesting that it… Read more »

  • Your designers need a creative space

    As a self-employed UX Design consultant based in Manchester, I spend a lot of time visiting other design agencies and experiencing their working spaces. What’s noticeable, is while there is an abundance of creativity going on in amongst tech and design companies, they aren’t working within an environment that is set up to be a… Read more »

  • Outsourcing UX design successfully

    Can it be done right? Recently I’ve been speaking to a good number of digital agencies and software companies in and around the North West. A common topic that crops up is the availability of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) talent, and how best to involve these professionals in your next project. This… Read more »

  • The business case for UX

    What is UX design? and why does my business need it? Customers today expect better, everywhere. Expectations of brand engagements went up a notch, and businesses across all industry sectors are looking for better ways to give their customers what they need. Good UX design focuses on exactly that, the customer and their needs. Whether… Read more »