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UX is devoted to the people who use our websites, products, services and applications. To cater to them properly, UX research and strategy is paramount.

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UX Research

UX research serves a key purpose throughout the design process. It helps to recognise the user needs, goals and thinking. Generally, UX research guides our work, improves our understanding of users, and validates our design decisions.

At the start of the project UX research is about learning about project and gathering requirements from project stakeholders and users themselves. UX research tasks may include things like stakeholder interviews, user interviews, user surveys, heuristic evaluations, and evaluating website data such as Google Analytics.

Quantitative Research

Fancy phrase, but what does it mean? quantitative is research that can be measured numerically. It can answer questions like “How many people clicked on this button when we launched the campaign?”. generally, it can tell you what is happening on your website or app.

Qualitative research

Qualitative research helps to understand why people do the things they do, and normally takes the form os user interviews, user feedback – generally gathering the thoughts and opinions of people using a website or app.

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UX Strategy

There can be confusion round the term “UX strategy” in relation to UX. It’s best defined as a long-term plan or vision for your user experience for your website or app.

UX strategy is made up of components like:

  • Using qualitative and qualitative research data to understand users, their goals and behaviours
  • Communicating the users needs, goals and behaviours through user personas and user journey mapping
  • Creating a clear and detailed vision of the experience you’re trying to create for your users
  • A plan of what needs to happen to get where you are now from where you want to be in the future
  • Creating a new UX strategy for your website or can be ambitious, but it doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming.

    Lightweight and creative UX documentation can quickly define your new vision as you lead into the information architecture and user-interface design stages.

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