Responsive Design

Responsive design is a critical method to ensure a consistent and coherent experience is applied across all devices.

What is responsive design?

Almost every website today needs a well design mobile experience, it’s essential. Alongside adaptive design, Responsive design remains a leading design approach to designing websites, utilising a single code base it’s an efficient and manageable method. While everyone is doing it, not everyone is approaching it correctly in the design stage. Which in the days of modern web design, is still leaving users with clunky unconsidered mobile experiences.

Designing for a responsive experience

Designing Grid Systems

There’s a lot more to interface design than simply the visual execution. The grid system itself plays an integral role and needs to be designed, so that website patterns, components and elements deploy themselves nicely across each screen size.

Detailed execution of visual design at multiple sizes

While it can be temping to provide website visuals and wireframes in a single desktop format, this opens up the possibility of significant issues when developing the website. To avoid this issues, it’s better to provide the development stage with as much design collateral as possible, including site maps, detailed design workfiles, design toolkits and supporting annotation or functional notes.

Mobile-first approach

While not applicable to all websites, subject to an understanding of the audiences devices usage, mobile-first is a powerful technique to ensure the mobile experience is highly optimised, and designed specifically for small devices first. While it does have impact on the desktop experience it won’t effect it negatively if done correctly. Using the mobile-first method gives you peace of mind that when it comes to the site development, there will be no issues with the design concept dev across large devices.

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